Armin Rosin
and orchestra
trombone and organ
Trio Armin Rosin
Posaunen -Terzett
Trombonefestival 2004

last update: Juney 4th 2012: schedule

visitors since may 18th 2002


      A r m i n  R o s i n

      (alto  -, tenor trombone, bass trumpet, baritone/euphonium, alphorn)

      studied trombone at Munich, then singing and directing (Mozarteum), and  in  addition music sciences and history at the University of Erlangen- Nuernberg.
      At the age of 21 Rosin became principal trombone player of the BAMBERGER SYMPHONIKER and changed to the RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Stuttgart (Cond.:Celibidache) at the age of 28.
      After 22 years playing in orchestras he was  appointed professor of trombone at the Stuttgart college of music in 1980.
      After listening to Rosin`s interpretation of his "Ballade For Trombone And Small Orchestra" in 1964, the  composer Frank Martin spontaneously invited Rosin  to do the first LP-recording of this piecee and also to perform many concerts together with the conducter and composer Frank Martin himself.
      As soloist Rosin started an amazing career: he was the first in the world to do a LP- recording of trombone  concerts in 1973, which also found world-wide attention and inspired many young trombone players to follow the example of Armin Rosin (Chr. Lindberg for example).

      He finaly succeeded in bringing back the trombone as a solo instrument to the concert halls of Europe. He also was the first to perform trombone-concerts with the Seoul national  orchestra   in  Korea or in Taiwan with the Taibei National Orchestra.
      Rosin played with many famous conductors and also with many considerable orchestras all over the world, doing concerts, TV recordings and broadcast recordings.  He recorded almost the entire trombone solo-book of the world, including many pieces which have been dedicated to him by famous composers. 2001 he performed the world premiere of the very last work of the old Hindemith student  Harald Genzmer (1909).
      Rosins performs  concerts from west and Eastern Europe (Alicante to Siberia) to Israel, Korea, China, Taiwan, Afrika and America.
      As a techaer he was invited to masterclasses and to guest-professurships all over the world: Internat. Vacation Classes for New Music at in Darmstadt, summer classes of the Jeunesses musicales at Weikersheim, music seminar of the GDR, culture weeks at Valencia, guest-professurship at the academy of art Chongching (China).
      1976 he wrote a trombone method comissioned by the Universal Edition, Vienna including completely new teaching and playing methods according to the newest theories of pedagogic. He is also the co- author of the DOV (german orchestra union) book of orchestra- studies.
      Rosins Students are to be heard in many large orchestras in Europe and overseas.
      In addition Professor Rosin is appreciated as president of the international brass-competition of South Korea and as a juror at international music competitions (ARD-Munich, Markneukirchen, Geneva, Spring of Prague, Moscow,  Gaudeamus Amsterdam) in which he was  invited as a representative of Germany.  he is also marked in Riemann`s Musician Encyclopedia p.512.
      Rosin hold many prices of music and art and is a member of the Sueddeutsche Akademie Of Sciences  And Art, Munich and also boardmember of the ITA.
      Rosin`s  teahing speciality is the non- pressure embouchure including a buildung up of the structure of a muscle activity and a breath technology which nis necessary for  it. On the other side he teaches the entire solo literature, which  was partly premiered by himself.

      In 1970 Armin rosin founded the ten-musician brass-ensemble "Brass Philharmonic Concert Hall Stuttgart", mainly  by members of the Radio-symphony-Orchester-Stuttgart and started by a idea of its maestro Sergiu Celibidache. It became famous by performing both old and new music, including literature written originally for the ensemble, LP-recordings, broadcast and television performings.
      Armin  Rosin is also the leader of a trombone ensemble, which is invited to many occasions as quartet or Quintett and sometimes also as octet.

      The  brass ensemble BRASS ACADEMY STUTTGART (8-12 members.), founded by Rosin 15 years ago, remembers now a large number concert  invitations. From the Bodensee to Hannover or Salzburg they are performing with changing but mainly who show perform chamber music at a very high level.
      Besides  this Rosin again and again looks for something new:
      In the 60's Rosin was  the first German  trombone player to stand up for the so called “Avantgarde” and many composers were interested by him for the possibilities the modern trombone (f.e. Penderecki).

      Then, in 1987, Rosin established the the smallest professional brass ensemble:
      The  "Trio Armin Rosin" including trumpet, trombone and one key instrument, which  until today performs with its original members.

      Finally he is even using unconventional instrument-combinations:
      in 2000 Rosin founded the "Egerlaender  Alphorn Terzett" and invites composers to write interesting and more difficult works for an Instrument whis is so far more used in folk music, especially in Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany.
    Armin Rosin performed as trombone-soloist with following german symphony-orchestras:

    Baden-Badener Orchester
    Bamberger Symphoniker
    Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Cottbus
    Göttinger Symphonie-Orchester
    Hofener Symphoniker
    Jenaer Philharmionie
    Münchner Bach-Collegium
    Münchner Philharmioniker
    Münchner Symphoniker
    Nürnberger Symphoniker
    Opernhaus- und Museumsorchester Frankfurt
    Orchester der Stadt Heidelberg
    Orchester des Vogtlandtheaters Plauen
    Orchester des WDR Köln
    Oldenburgisches Staatsorchester
    Philharmonisches Orchester Bad Reichenhall
    Philharmonisches Orchester Gelsenkirchen
    Philharmonica Hungarica (Marl)
    Philharmonisches Orchester der Stadt Nürnberg
    Philharmonisches Orchester Regensburg
    Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
    Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Frankfurt
    Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Saarbrücken
    Radio-Symphonieorchester Stuttgart
    Remscheider Symphoniker
    Rundfunkorchester Hannover NDR
    Rundfunkorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
    Staatsphilharmionie Rheinland-Pfalz
    Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmionie
    Städtisches Orchester Trier
    Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
    Symphonie Orchester der Stadt Solingen
    Südwestfälische Philharmonie (Hilchenbach)
    Thürinher Philharmoniker Suhl
    Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen


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